Saturday, September 1, 2012

Not enough time!

Gosh I've been busy lately! Not much time for blogging since I've been trying to make myself sew/craft more often. I'm such a procrastinator. >.>
Anywho, I started this blog with the intent to share my tries at making my own miniatures and just sharing random info that I enjoy so on that note, I read a post the other day that suggested placing a notecard over the flash. This is intended to improve lighting when taking photos indoors without the usual harsh glare from the flash. I figured I'd give it a try and these are a few very quick pictures I took.

With No Flash:


With Flash Covered:



I think the clutter in the background didn't help my lighting so next time I'll take the time to set things up a little more. I also have a feeling it's going to take several tries to get a great picture (these were the best out of 15-20ish) but over all I do think the covered flash photos have a better and truer color compaired to the photo without flash. I'll have to try this in future photos. ^_^"

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