Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's been a while...

I've tried to keep myself busy by finishing the many projects I have hanging around from eons ago and I've actually managed to finish a good number of them. Unfortunately the weather has been awful so not much spam to share but I did manage to snag a few during a BJD meetup that I recently went to.


Here is the dress that I finally seamed up and sewed up an over skirt for. I can't decide if I should add a self fabric ruffle to the bottom of the over skirt or if that would be too much... I'll think it over for now. :3 The cute little guy is a friend's Pukifee Pong, Rawr, he was too cute. X3

And I must say her horns came out rather nicely after painting the roses dark red and sealing them. The roses are shinier than I would have liked but I only have a gloss and semi-gloss sealer.

I've also gotten off on a tangent and started some new projects. ^_^"


Just for fun I crocheted this bear set for my Puki and was really pleased with how it turned out. I'm tweaking the pattern that I managed to write from memory since I usually free hand and forget to write a pattern as I go. *head smack*

That's it for the time being and I hope that next time I can really get into my prototype projects for my Etsy store (soon to be opening... I hope). :3 Also, I'm going to be moving back to Oregon from Washington so my projects will probably have to be put on hold, of course the blog as well but here's hoping that this isn't the case. *crosses fingers*