Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hit and run...

Just swinging by to keep this thing going. ^_^" I've been fairly busy these past weeks working two jobs so not a lot of time for crafting so no new posts. Then when I finally pair it down to one job and I'm getting back into the flow of things... I'm let go. T_T So job hunting for me. Weee. But I did take something from that experience, I realized that I NEED to get my act together and focus on what I love doing. So I'm trying to get myself in gear and build up momentum to open my Etsy shop (finally). Still just hunting for part time work but also working on some patterns to get my dream going. Sooo, I hope I can get it together and make it happen! *determined look*

Well, enough of that, got to get back to work. :3 I'm planning on a progress update later this week/early next week to show what I have so far.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!