Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back from the beach...

I've been absent for a while since I've been on a beach trip and then had to work once we got back without any breaks. @_@ So not much time for blogging and I still have a few things to catch up on but I figured I'd share a few things before another month goes by. >.>

I found a couple cute miniatures at some antique shops while at the beach.

Blue Enamel Coffee Pot and Teacup

This cute little tea cup just had to come along with me, I mean, look at how TINY it is. <3 It's a pewter piece that is hand painted using this pretty blue color.

Tiny Teacup

But I must say that the blue enamel coffee pot is my favorite. It goes perfectly with my love of old and woodsy chic (that made no sense I know ;P). I wanted a nice accent for this set so I made these little place mats and napkins. I'm thinking of making some more in some different colors.

Blue Enamel Coffee Pot and Donuts

Lastly, I also bought these cute matchboxes to make little suitcases out of them. Hopefully I can work on these in the next week or so. :3


And just for fun, an action shot. :D

Drinking Cocoa

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