Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tiny obsession...

I've finally settled on miniatures, crafts, and ball-jointed dolls for this blog. Of course I'll also insert a bit of randomness once in a while, it's me after all. ^_^"

I'm horrid at introductions so I'll just dive in and wait to post a formal intro later. >.> Bear with me here...

Yay, my first picture!
... Sorry, I'm easily entertained. Haha!

Anywho... I've been on a tiny kick recently and have been trying my hand at making miniatures using polymer clay. So far I've been doing great, haven't burned one yet at least. Hehe. The photo above is actually of a trio of red cap mushrooms that I sculpted using Super Sculpey and painted with acrylics after baking.

These are all the sweets I've made thus far. Hopefully you can make all of them out.
- Blue bubblegum icecream cone
- Wrapped candies
- Cherry tart
- Cookies filled with raspberry jam
- Donuts
- Sucker (was aiming for a blowpop type wrapper... but that didn't work out so well)
- And a teeny, tiny raspberry! My favorite, it took quite a long time. I have to see if I can't figure out a better, faster way of making them.

That's it for now, I have a few projects in the works and a few others to share but still need to edit some photos.

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