Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Tiny Things and A New Project

Old Mushrooms

There have been a few other projects I've finished in the last week or so. They've mostly been using polymer clay but I've had a few miniatures using other materials.


Here's a couple of paper bags I folded from 100% recycled paper, the larges being about 1 1/2 in. tall.
(I really need to remember to measure all these up with a proper ruler and not just guesstimate. :P

Pretty Planter

And here's a planter that I had bought already made with the intention of painting oh say... two months ago. Yes, I work fast. :D
I finally sat down to paint it all one color but I started painting the rose and the design came from there. I liked it so much I didn't know what else to add to it, at least something that wouldn't make it too busy. I might add some real or embroidered moss around the top edges and maybe just use it as a vase to hold pretty flowers, not sure yet. We shall see.

Antlers (pre-baking)

I've had a love at first sight with Mori (forest) Girl fashion from the get go and I've been seeing a lot more antler themed looks going around the blogosphere and such that I figured I'd give some small antlers a try. I just have to find the time to bake them, maybe tonight... I hope. :3 Haven't burned anything yet!

And just for fun a close up of the tiny raspberry from the previous post.
Teeny Tiny Raspberry

Well off to work now, maybe I can sneak in some crocheting. ;D

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